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Motivational Speaker/Life Coach in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Dr. Padmaja Nandigama is extremely effective in giving motivational talks.With a doctorate in Psychology and an immense passion to help others, she is well qualified to motivate subjects  of different age groups on diverse issues.                                                                          Different motivational themes offered:                                                                         Building self esteem.

Improving communication.

Developing attitudes to shape life.

Motivating yourself and others.

Emotional balance in a chaotic world.

Developing professional presence.

Resolving conflict and dealing with difficult people.

Stress management strategies and

Positive thinking and Wellness.

Her Goals as a Motivational Speaker/Life Coach is to help: 

Women develop a healthy lifestyle, improve parenting skills, and find a right balance of work and family life.

Students to build their self esteem and develop attitudes that will help them succeed in  studies and achieve their goals.

Employees to improve communication, develop professional presence, resolve conflicts and deal with difficult people.

She is interested in motivating people to build their self esteem, develop positive thinking and adapt a life plan for effective human relations.

Building BALANCED RELATIONSHIPS by Dr. Padmaja Nandigama

Dr.Padmaja Nandigama is the author of "Building Balanced Relationships" . This book is intended for audiences of all ages. It focuses on topics like building self esteem, communication skills, professional presence, positive energy and stress management. This book will provide tips that can be used by kids in school, youth in college, professionals at work and everyone at home and in social settings.


Links to the previous Seminars and Interviews:    

Talk at Grupo Antolin, Auburn Hills, MI- Sept 16th 2013

Dr. Nandigama presented a developmental seminar on communication skills, professional presence and professional stress on March 20th 2012 at Ford motor Company, Dearborn, MI.

Dr. Nandigama at Ford Motor CompanyDr. Nandigama at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Employees, Dearborn, MI

Audience responses about the FAIA talk:

Thanks for taking the time to come over – it was a very enlightening & entertaining talk !  Thank you.
~Mr. Amit Singhi, Purchasing Controller at Ford motor company

Hello, Dr. Nandigama. It was a wonderful presentation, filled with wisdom, advice and humor.
I viewed your hour-long presentation as time well spent. Thank you again for your insights.
~Mary Bensen 
Global Communications Manager 
Ford Motor Credit Company 

She communicated her message precisely and effectively.
~Sailaja Karnam. Testing Specialist at Ford Motor Company.

I enjoyed your talk this afternoon.It was quite informative and entertaining. ~Jayamani, Ford Employee

Awesome presentation wish every one implemented these  skills to the T,success would come when one changes from the "I and YOU"to the "WE and US"perspective.
~Seshagiri Swaharu, Customer Service Manager

Dr. Nandigama, Motivational speaker at Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company Employees

Interview at Farmington High School, Michigan

Dr. Padmaja Nandigama was interviewed by Katie Diehl, a high school student from Farmington High school, MI. Here is the Link to the interview:

Comparative analysis of Individualistic vs Collective societies at International Focus series at School Craft College, Livonia, MI.

Effective Stress management Startegies at Off the beaten Path Bookstore and Cafe, Farmington, MI.




Motivational Talks conducted In Michigan and India

"Stress Management Strategies" at Grupo Antolin North American Division, Auburn Hills, MI-Sept 2103.

Conducted a workshop on "Building Communicational skills and Professional presence" at Marvel Technologies, Novi, MI- June 2013

Believe and Achieve---Talk at Northsouth Foundation, Detroit Chapter, MI---April 2011

Believe and Achieve----Talk for MAIFS at Novi-Northville Montessori School, Novi, MI--MAY, 2011

Building Self Esteem and Achieving your Goals---Talk at SSJ pharmacy College, V.N. Pally, Hyderabad, India--August 2011

Life Plan for Effective Human Relationships---Fall Fantasy Mind Body Spirit Festival, Farmington, MI, October 2011

Stress Management Tips for High school Parents---Talk at PTA meeting at Farmington High School, Farmington, MI--November 2011

Conducted a workshop on "Building Communicational skills and Professional presence" at Marvel Technologies, Novi, MI- June 2013

Attend Dr. Padmaja's motivational seminars, workshops at Michigan and surrounding areas and let her guide you to:

Be motivated,

Boost your self esteem

Empower yourself

Find Inner peace

Achieve your goals

For Individual life coaching sessions please contact :                                Dr. Nandigama  248-219-1906 /Contact her on website

She can coach adolescents and teenagers and help them in

·         achieving  their career goals,

·         increasing their motivation levels and

·         in building their self esteem.

She can coach parents in improving their parenting skills and help them develop a healthy relationship with their kids.

She can coach individuals to develop a healthy lifestyle and achieve emotional balance in this chaotic world.                                                                                                                                     Long-Distance coaching can be done on Phone or via Skype

Get ready to be motivated, Take action today. Book today to benefit your Students, Employees, Teachers, Health Groups and yourself! 

Contact her by Clicking here ;
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